Spring is here.  Taxes got paid, and hopefully, there was a little boost in your bank balances as a result.  Before the kids wind down the school year, many of us have new shows, events, and fundraisers in our upcoming weeks.  This can be an enormously stressful time for you, or it can be a time when you glimpse the world teeming with your supporters.

As you watch everyone else start to enjoy picnics and summer plans, you are stressing over details and logistics, working to make everything perfect for others to enjoy. You set the table, they all come to the feast. You hope to reap the harvest. Here’s the deal though— if you are depleted from your long hours, from the financial and legal headaches that you are engulfed in, if this next event is becoming just a long checklist it will be just another thing your guests have to do rather than the inspiring moments you had originally intended.

How do we change that? Three super simple (not easy) steps:

  1. Put the dream on paper. Take a morning out of the office to write your dreams down about what this event is supposed to feel like for those who come— including you! What will it do for your organization? How will those who attend be shaped by it? Share the bullet points from this list with your team— it’s your job to inspire, but first, you need to inspire yourself.
  2. Invite a team member to help you with something. Let them know how important it is, and why you are entrusting this critical piece to their care. Mean it. Even if it is the centerpieces. “Part of appreciating our guests well is giving them a beautiful experience, your eye for beauty will really make a difference”.
  3. Find a way to set the table for yourself. Put 20 minutes on your calendar each day for a walk to smell the lilacs, to see the tulips, to breathe deeply. Leave your phone at the office. Or, start that morning at home (see above) with a hot bath— you, some music, and your thoughts. Nurture your self so you are equipped to nurture your team.

You’ve got this. Your breathing room will generate the care needed to make this your best spring event— the one where your guests feel treasured and enriched.

Let me know how it goes!