Create Community. Build Impact.

After decades of on-the-ground work in community development, we at Teem have been called to use that knowledge and those skills to help mobilize a broader range of communities through high impact solutions.  From helping you articulate your vision to developing giving programs, we are your partners in building the organization your community needs.

We believe the power of a connected community can do big things and often accomplish the seemingly impossible. The people you serve need you to get out of daily firefighting to dream big about what impact you can make in their lives. What stops us from visioning well is not only a lack of time, but the scarce resources we experience in the not-for-profit world. At Teem, we help you develop your dream and communicate it to the community of donors to support it. Soon, resources are abundant and your impact soars.

Vision Development

We exist to reveal hardworking communities and organizations their untapped potential and power.

Partnering with your chief executive and leadership team, Teem will guide your organization through a comprehensive vision process, beginning with data collection and stakeholder input all the way through a comprehensive growth strategy plan.  No great organization got that way without a big dream, and Teem will help you refine that vision into a scope which will be both big enough to excite investors and realistic enough to achieve. 

Cultivation Plans and Fundraising Coaching

We know that there’s nothing more powerful than generosity among people.

For organizations with well-developed vision and goals, the next step is accessing the financial support to ensure you can achieve greater heights.  Donors today are savvy, and fundraising has become increasingly professionalized.  Development Directors stay an average 13 months at any job before they move on.  Transferring the allegiances of donors from one individual employee to your mission as a whole is what is important, and caring for the donors’ needs along the way is critical.

Your organization has to stand out above the rest to every donor.  Increasing their gift to your organization means more than just having a great mission, in order to ensure a donor’s largest gift, they need to know they matter to you, and that their gift makes an impact.  At Teem, we partner with you to generate tiered cultivation plans for each of your giving segments, and customized cultivation plans for each of your major donors.  We are not a fundraising consultant generating giving profiles and leaving you to do the ask, we walk with you throughout your year and help to customize your plans in order to achieve the greatest success for your organization AND the donor. 

Partnership and Coaching

Teem’s attitude and perspective unlocks
a truly transformative experience.

Teem doesn’t depart when consultants do.  We are a partnership, and will provide a systems approach to achieving your vision with tools to ensure accountability and performance.  Coaching sessions for leadership team members ensure that your vision gets accomplished, and everyone on your team knows what their part is in achieving the dream.  When development and strategic plans get left on the shelf, as too many do, you need a different process.

Teem works with your entire team to implement the plan by providing a realistic stepped process with built-in accountability structures.  The abundance in growth comes when each team member takes his or her share of the strategy in addition to their existing work flow.  Teem helps you work smarter, teem coaches your group to achieve more than status quo.  Combine vision with growth achievement, and your organization is ready to harness the power of individual donors who will be more than willing to invest in a cause as visionary as yours.

Comprehensive Growth Support

We help connect your leadership with the donors who want to support you, connecting their hearts to your worthy cause.

We partner with you to find the abundance within your community.  Our comprehensive approach to growth will ensure you are never alone as you build capacity.  We meet you where you are and help you launch into the organization you know our world needs by developing or growing your base of donor support.

Cultivating Community Generosity

Your organization creates change in those you serve, but what if the depth of impact was at least as great in the person writing a check to support your work? What if you could change the lives of those who invest in your vision? What if your perspective about fundraising shifted from the drudgery of arm-twisting into the joy of inviting others into your transformative donor community? What if their lives were so changed they told their friends, and some of them came to join your cause as well? That is what what we create at Teem time and again. We partner with you every step of the way so that you can create that for your organization as well. The results? An organization with a growing vision, volleyed to life by the donors who thank us for the opportunity to be involved.

We train our partners to create the solutions their constituents really need, and attract the resources they need to reach lofty goals. 


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